Sharon's Message
About us


Welcome my family, my dear sisters and brothers, to 
A Center for Inner Peace.

A Center for Inner Peace embraces everyone. Our purposeis sharing the message of A Course in Miracles whose only goal is inner peace.  The key that brings this inner peace is forgiveness. “Forgiveness is our only function here.”   As we tear down the walls of judgment of ourselves and others, and allow the beautiful light in each one of us to be revealed, we will know the blessings forgiveness brings and, we will end the perceived separation between ourselves and God.
We make no attempt to convert you to any religious organization and it does not matter if you identify as Atheists, Buddhist, Christians, Hindu, Jews, Muslims, or any other specific religious affiliation.  Boundaries reflect separation and we are all joined in the Mind of God, the Christ Mind, where love is boundless.   
Whatever path we may choose, let us remember tobe patient, gentle and at peace.  Never doubt for one moment that YOU are the Christ and all those who have gone before us, will be with us as we cross the final bridge that will lead us straight to the Heart of God.

Abundant Love, Sharon